Elite Cup Amsterdam 2017

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Elite Cup is held every year on the International Cannabis Day in Amsterdam in June.

Public Cup Results.

Best Indica:
    FIRST: Bagheera Platinum Valley O.G
    SECOND: Mrk & CO. Rolex O.G
    THIRD: Dutch Passion Night Queen

Best Sativa:
    FIRST: G.Urban Farms Strawberry Amnesia
    SECOND: Sumo Seeds (name not Given)
    THIRD (tied): Takeaway Mexican Haze/Green Place Tangerine

Best Hybrid:
    FIRST: UGORG Disco Biscuits
    SECOND: Accelerator seeds Lake O.G
    THIRD: Dutch Passion Ultra Skunk

Best Concentrates (Solvent):
    FIRST: Totem Fire Amnesia bho live resin
    SECOND: Ne1 extracts Stardawg Live Resin Sap
    THIRD: Goodfellas Seeds Starwax

Best Concentrates (Solventless):
    FIRST: Mr K & co. Kandy Kush
    SECOND: Mr. Hyde (name not given)
    THIRD: UGORG Disco Biscuits

Best Hash:
    FIRST: Micro Genetica White Cheese Hash
    SECOND: Bagheera Mango Haze Hash
    THIRD: Green place Cookie Hash

Best Edibles:
    FIRST: Amsterdam Edibles Connection Choco slice
    SECOND: Green Place Brownie
    THIRD: Amsterdam Edibles Connection Rainbow cake

Elite Judges Results

Best Indica:
    FIRST: Mr K & Co. Rollex O.G.
    SECOND: UGORG Cookies
    THIRD: Het Ballonnetje San Fernando Valley O.G

Best Sativa:
    FIRST: UGORG Premier Sweet
    SECOND: Green Place Tangerine
    THIRD: Het Ballonnetje  G13 Mr Nice

Best Hybrid:
    FIRST: Accelerator seeds Lake O.G.
    SECOND: Green place Jonny Blaze
    THIRD: UGORG Disco Biscuits

Best Concentrates (Solvent):
    FIRST: Mellow daze Velvet cookies Wax
    SECOND: Totem Fire Amnesia bho live resin
    THIRD: Ne1 Extracts Stardawg live resin sap

Best Concentrates (Solventless):
    FIRST: UGORG Disco Biscuit
    SECOND: Mr Hyde (name not given)
    THIRD: Mr K. & co. Kandy Kush

Best Hash::
    FIRST (tie): Bagheera Mango Kush Dry Sift
    FIRST (tie): BoereJongens Green Magic Block
    SECOND: Goodfellas seeds flower power OG
    THIRD: Green Place Cookies Hash

Best Edibles:
    FIRST: Green Place Brownie
    SECOND: The Golden Green Team Cinnamon Swirl
    THIRD: Amsterdam Edibles Connection Rainbow cake