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Elite Cup Amsterdam 2017

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Elite Cup is held every year on the International Cannabis Day in Amsterdam in June.

Public Cup Results.

Best Indica:
    FIRST: Bagheera Platinum Valley O.G
    SECOND: Mrk & CO. Rolex O.G
    THIRD: Dutch Passion Night Queen

Best Sativa:
    FIRST: G.Urban Farms Strawberry Amnesia
    SECOND: Sumo Seeds (name not Given)
    THIRD (tied): Takeaway Mexican Haze/Green Place Tangerine

Best Hybrid:
    FIRST: UGORG Disco Biscuits
    SECOND: Accelerator seeds Lake O.G
    THIRD: Dutch Passion Ultra Skunk

Best Concentrates (Solvent):
    FIRST: Totem Fire Amnesia bho live resin
    SECOND: Ne1 extracts Stardawg Live Resin Sap
    THIRD: Goodfellas Seeds Starwax

Best Concentrates (Solventless):
    FIRST: Mr K & co. Kandy Kush
    SECOND: Mr. Hyde (name not given)
    THIRD: UGORG Disco Biscuits

Best Hash:
    FIRST: Micro Genetica White Cheese Hash
    SECOND: Bagheera Mango Haze Hash
    THIRD: Green place Cookie Hash

Best Edibles:
    FIRST: Amsterdam Edibles Connection Choco slice
    SECOND: Green Place Brownie
    THIRD: Amsterdam Edibles Connection Rainbow cake

Elite Judges Results

Best Indica:
    FIRST: Mr K & Co. Rollex O.G.
    SECOND: UGORG Cookies
    THIRD: Het Ballonnetje San Fernando Valley O.G

Best Sativa:
    FIRST: UGORG Premier Sweet
    SECOND: Green Place Tangerine
    THIRD: Het Ballonnetje  G13 Mr Nice

Best Hybrid:
    FIRST: Accelerator seeds Lake O.G.
    SECOND: Green place Jonny Blaze
    THIRD: UGORG Disco Biscuits

Best Concentrates (Solvent):
    FIRST: Mellow daze Velvet cookies Wax
    SECOND: Totem Fire Amnesia bho live resin
    THIRD: Ne1 Extracts Stardawg live resin sap

Best Concentrates (Solventless):
    FIRST: UGORG Disco Biscuit
    SECOND: Mr Hyde (name not given)
    THIRD: Mr K. & co. Kandy Kush

Best Hash::
    FIRST (tie): Bagheera Mango Kush Dry Sift
    FIRST (tie): BoereJongens Green Magic Block
    SECOND: Goodfellas seeds flower power OG
    THIRD: Green Place Cookies Hash

Best Edibles:
    FIRST: Green Place Brownie
    SECOND: The Golden Green Team Cinnamon Swirl
    THIRD: Amsterdam Edibles Connection Rainbow cake

Elite Cup

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Elite Cup Winners 2016.

Public Cup Results.

Best Sativa
1st Premier Sweet by UGORG
2nd A5 Haze by Dampkring
3rd Mango Haze by Green Place

Best Indica
1st UGORG Cookies by UGORG
2nd Knightsbridge OG By LSG
3rd Mature Kush By Microgenetica / Semtex By Green Place. (shared)

Best Hybrid
1st Odv3 By LSG / Disco Biscuit By UGORG
2nd UGORG 1 by UGORG
3rd Star Screen By Green Place

Best Hash
1st Deadhead Chemdog By Nugg Run
2nd Nicole Kush by Nugg Run / Cheese Black By Green Place (shared)
3rd Dry Boulder By Microgenetica

Best Rosin
1st Honeymoon Cavier By Microgenetica
2nd Rollex OG By Frosintech
3rd Rosin Budder by Nerd Creations x LaKalada CSC

Best Solvent
1st Odv3 Cake Batter by Smokey Genetics x LSG
2nd Cookies Sugar Wax By UGORG
3rd Premium By UGORG

Best Edibles
1st Mr Tee's Cake By Tasty Buds
2nd Mallow On Top By Tasty Buds
3rd Dark Choco Truffel By Golden Green Bakery

Elite Judges Results

Best Sativa
1st Headbanger By Karma Genetics
2nd Jack-O-Nesia (Ninja Cut) by Jamies S. Hughes / Mandarina By Jungle Seeds (shared)
3rd A5 Haze By Original Dampkring

Best Indica
1st Semtex By Green Place
2nd Og' Reek'n By Deviles Harvest x MrK & Co
3rd Biker Kush By Karma Genetics x The Plug BCN

Best Hybrid
1st Sour Power By Frosted Dank x London Dank
2nd Platinum Valley By Accelerator Seeds
3rd Conspiracy By Karma Squad / Cali Kush Farms (shared)

Best Hash
1st Nicole Kush Live Resin By Nugg Run
2nd Deadhead Chemdawg BY Nugg Run
3rd Cheese Cake By Green Place / Dry Boulder By Microgenetica (shared)

Best Rosin
1st Honeymoon Caviar by Microgenetica
2nd Rosin Budder By Nerd Creations x Lakalada CSC
3rd Rollex OG By Frosintech

Best Solvent
1st Headbanger Cake Batter By Karma Squad Cali Kush Farms
2nd Cookies Sugar Wax by UGORG
3rd Super Glue Cake Batter By Smokey Genetics x LSG

Best Edibles
1st Mr Tee's Cake By Tasty Buds
2nd Mallow On Top By Tasty Buds
3rd Krispie Slice By Golden Green Bakery.


International Culture Convention Cups

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International Culture ConventionThe International Culture Convention & Grace Glass Weekender event was held in Amsterdam on 26, 27, 28 and 30 November 2015.





These are the winners.

The Public Cup (equal votes, results in alphabetical order)

420 Café
Green Place
Original Dampkring Coffeeshop

The Elite Cup ( in association with Sensi Seeds & The Cannabis College)

Final Judges
Mila (Polinator) / Tan (Cannabis College) / Joseph (Sensi Seeds) / Mario (Herb Utopia) / Raheem (Sensi Seeds)

Best Sativa
1st Place - Silver Bubble by Green Place
2nd Place - Purple Jack by Karma Squad/Cali Kush Farms
3rd Place - Fruit Bowl by Karma Squad/Cali Kush Farms

Best Indica
1st Place - Head-stash by Karma Squad/Cali Kush Farms
2nd Place - Valley Kush 1.0 by Accelerator Seeds
3rd Place - Emperor OG by Karma Squad/Cali Kush Farms

Best Hash
Caramello by Green Place

Best Extracts
1st Place- Mandarina Grapefruit by Karma Squad, Trichrome jungle Extracts & Cali Kush Farms

1st Place - OG Reek’N ICE by Green place

Best Overall Extract
Cake Batter Orange Diesel v3 by Lady Sativa Genetics (Extracted by @Smokey Genetics)

Best Edibles
1st Place - One Plug Honeycomb
2nd Place - Truffles by The Green Connextion
3RD - CannaToffee by CannaBears

Best CBD Product
1st Place - 98% CBD Crystals by Endoca

Best Booth
1st Place- Abscent
2nd Place- Waxy - Extraction Gear
3rd Place - Verdamper

Best Newcomer
PotPotions - 420 catering company

Life Time Achievement Award
Mila Jansen: For her lifetime support of the plant and her backing and support from the beginning, the award goes to Amsterdam's Hash Queen Mila!