Dab-A-Doo Amsterdam 2021

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Dab - A - Doo Amsterdam 2021
The Dab - A -Doo Amsterdam - 2021 Edition was held on 1 December 2021 with the assistance of Mila, the Hash Queen, and Soma. 

These are the winners!

Best Non Solvent
1st place: nº 19 - Green Place
2nd place: nº 16 - Zmoothiez Genetics
3rd place: nº14 - Jhonny Dabb

Best Solvent
1st place: Sherb Cherry - Kind Selections 
2nd place: Sorbeto - Family First
3rd place: Unicorn - Kind Selections

Best Rosin
1st place: Strawberry Jelly - Family First 
2nd place: Serious Cookies - Jhonny Dabb
3rd place: A1A Band - John Cuccis