Dab-a-Doo Barcelona 2016

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Dab-A-Doo Barcelona 2016

The Dab-a-doo  Barcelona 2016 was held in March. Extract artists competed in three categories; Non-solvent, Solvent and Rosin.

These are the winners!

Best Non-Solvent

1st Place - Tiger Melon i.w.e. by HQ

2nd Place - Girl Pleasure Cookies by EL PLAER DE LA VIDA

3rd Place - Violator Kush by Club Anesthesia Barcelona

Best Solvent

1st Place - OG Gangstars by Oil hunters

2nd Place - Mango OG Live Resin 3 by 23 oils

3rd Place - Mother Of All Dawg by Kippax Concentrates

Best Rosin

1st Place - Super Orange Haze Rosin by Carroll Leds Genetics

2nd Place - Warlock Rosin by Serious Seeds/House of the Great Gardener

3rd Place - Barb Drysift Rosin by House of the Great Gardener