BioCup 2016

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This year's edition took place in Finca Mas Solers, Sant Pere de Ribas,Barcelona, from the 27th to the 29th of May. A great spot for this type of event, with plenty of space for outdoor relaxation.


Seeds Banks Sativas

1st place: Bull Seeds Genetic - Diesel Clovis
2nd place: Mano Verde - King Kong Five
3rd place: Exotic Seed - Gypsy Widow

Seeds Banks Indicas
1st place: Mike Undergrow Gennetics
2nd place: No Joke - Mr. OG
3rd place: True Canna Gennetics - Terpzilla

Seeds Banks  Hash
1st place: No Joke - Il mio Amore
1st place: Resin Seeds - Gorilla Kush  


D.G.Rass Sativas
1st place: AGA Green Power - Critical Jacob
2nd place: Fatal Flowers - Dead Band
3rd place: Genu Collective ACC Sanamaria - Sour Genuese

D.G: RASS Indicas
1st place: CBD Cataluya - Diosa Verde
2nd place: HQ - Phantom Cookies
3rd place: Pablo - Cheese

1st place: Vangelis - Dry Sift Cannatonic
2nd place: We Flowers - Ice Fresh Frozen Head Banger
3rd place: Maryland - Ice Fresh Frozen Amnesia Haze