Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards 2022

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Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards 2022: People's Choice Awards
Amsterdam, 26 November 2022

These are the winners!

Lifetime Achievement Award - Mila ( The Hash Queen) Jansen
Coffeeshop of the Year - Family First
Greenest Coffeeshop aka Most Ecofriendly - Family First
Budtender of the Year - Tim at Family First
Best Coffeeshop Extract Menu - Family First
Best Coffeeshop Flower Menu - Family First
Best Coffeeshop Hash Menu - Terps Arm
Best Coffeeshop Pre-roll Menu - Terps Army
Best Coffeeshop Edible Menu - Boerejongens
Most Knowledgeable Personnel - Boerejongens
Best Internet Cafe - The Old Church
Best Indoor Smoking Lounge - Prix Dámi
Best Outdoor Smoking Lounge - Bulldog the First
Best Smoke Friendly Lounge - Hunter's Bar
Best Coffeeshop Beverage - Strawberry Milkshake at Prix Dámi
Best Coffeeshop Munchie - Cheeseburger at Greenhouse United
Art Gallery / Mural of the Year - Mac Amsterdam @ Supermarkt
Best Coffeeshop Host - Howy at The Stud
Barista of the Year - Saskia at Original Dampkring
Best Non-Amsterdam Coffeeshop - Yanks (Zandvoort)
Best CBD Brand - Canna Health Amsterdam
Best Interactive Game - Dealer's Cup
Best Coffeeshop Rolling Papers - Raw
Social Media Influencer of the Year - Vice & Weed
Photographer of the Year -

Best Sativa Flower
1st place: Tropical Cherry - Blue Sea
2nd place: Super Silver Haze - Prix Dámi
3rd place: Super Amnesia - Magic

Best Indica Flower
1st place: Ice Cream - Family First
2nd place: Animal Cookies - Prix Dámi
3rd place: Tropical Punch - The Old Church

Best Hybrid Flower
1st place: Pink Runtz - Prix Dámi
2nd place: Candy Warhol - Terps Army
3rd place: Tech Max - Magic

Best Dry / Rubbed Hash
1st place: The Barbarian Melon - Magic
2nd place: Gushers - Reefer
3rd place: The Ocho - Het Gelderse

Best Ice / Water Hash
1st place: Pink Pineapple 73U Ice Hash - Family First
2nd place: Wedding Cake Barbarian - Magic
3rd place: Tangie Barbarian - Magic

Best Extract
1st place: Mack & Crack Live Rosin - Seed Stockers
2nd place: GMO Live Rosin - Family First
3rd place: Papaya Live Rosin - Magic

Best CBD Product
1st place: Fruity Kush Flower - Goldfish Amsterdam
2nd place: Strawnana Bath Soak - Lake Effect Extracts
3rd place: Sunset Sherbert CBD Diamonds - Lake Effect Extracts

Best Edible
1st place: Space Cake - Magic
2nd place: Fruit Cake Gummies 2x45mg - Sweet Stockers X Hanfkranz
3rd place: Triple Chocolate Space Cookie - Reefer

Best Premium Pre-Roll
1st place: Twister - Sativa
2nd place: Captain America - Prix Dámi
3rd place: Strawberry Haze Drip Wood - Reefer

High Squish Cup Flower
1st place: Crown Chakra - Magic
2nd place: OG Blue Magic - Magic
3rd place: Pink Vanillate - Mind Expanding Seeds

High Squish Cup Hash
1st place: The Ocho - Het Gelderse
2nd place: The Swirl - The Corner x Wecannadoit
3rd place: Sahara - Magic