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Ceres Seeds

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Ceres SeedsCeres Seeds

Ceres Seeds is a 100% homegrown Dutch seed company. Its history goes back to 1988 when its founders started their first seeds and cuttings. There is a famous childhood story of one them, buying cuttings and growing supplies at the Sinsemilla Fan Club – with his grandmother! The Ceres Seeds team was learning the ropes back then. In the early 1990s, they worked for the old, infamous Dreadlock Coffeeshop in Amsterdam's Red Light District, as well at reputable seed companies such as Sensi Seed Bank, where they learned how to produce and cross strong, healthy plants.

Ceres Seeds’ original (land-race) seeds came from the imported Jamaican, Thai, and Colombian weed that formed the stock of many Coffeeshops in Amsterdam before the modern varieties took over. With a little help from their friends throughout the Dutch cannabis industry, Ceres Seeds also acquired some Indica-dominant varieties that had been in already Holland for many generations.

Paradise Seeds

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Paradise SeedsParadise Seeds

After 12 years of growing, testing and experimenting with many different cannabis varieties, Paradise Seeds was founded in 1994. About 25 years ago in Amsterdam, many coffeeshops started to sell imported hash from India Afghanistan or Morocco and weed from Thailand, Columbia, Mexico or Malawi. Most of this was of poor quality. But things were changing, new types were introduced from the U.S that were early crossbreeds of already higher quality. Since then Paradise Seeds got involved in the early research for better quality strains. This took place in Amsterdam and at several outdoor locations in Holland. The aim was to create better weed, with a sweet / spicy taste and stronger high, for own use.

Cali Connection Seeds

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Cali ConnectionCali Connection Seeds

The Cali Connection is a Seed Company with one intention , to supply the world with Cali's best genetics in seed form. The Connection is the umbrella for some of Cali's best breeders.

These breeders from SoCal to NorCal have obtained and have been growing Cali's finest for years and look forward to providing their favorites with the rest of the world. The possibilities are endless when you have the best of the best to work with.

Karma Genetics

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Karma GeneticsKarma Genetics

3rd High Times Cannabis Cup SATIVA 2011 for Dominator
3rd High Times Cannabis Cup INDICA 2010 for White OG
1st 420 ICMAG Breeders Cup SATIVA 2009 for Amnesia#1
3rd 420 ICMAG Breeders Cup INDICA 2009 for Happy Brother


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