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Copa Cannabis Uruguay 2015

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4th Annual Copa Cannabis Uruguay 2015

These are the winners!


1st Place: Shark Atack by Lio

2nd Place: Nepal Dog by Jamaica Nice

3rd Place: Grape Smugler by The Beast


1st Place: Red Dot x Thai Mex by Paul Fontan

2nd Place: Sativa by Sebastian Kravilovich

3rd Place: UK Chesse by Juan Ignacio


1st Place: CINDERELLA 99 by Maico

2nd Place: Tangerine by Bata Sativ

3rd Place: Northern Light x Big Bud by William Suarez


1st Place:  Superstrains by Hold on Catalina

2nd Place: 7 likes by William Amandola 

3rd Place: Hybrid Paraguay by Victor Araujo


1st Place: 24 Karat by CC Sativa with DNA Genetics 

2nd Place: Super Sour Fire Chem 91 OG by CC old bottles with ADAM DUNN

3rd Place: Candy Chesse by CC Punta del Este


1st Place:Bubba Kush by CC Shiva with Dinafem

2nd Place: Desfran by Journal Haze with Huergo Seeds 

3rd Place: Y Greek by CC Punta del Este with Medical Seeds

The Secret Cup Finals 2015

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The Secret Cup Finals were held in December 2015 in LA, California.

Congratulations to the hundreds of hashmakers who competed across the country and in Europe!

These are the winners!

Best Overall

1st Place - Zkittlez 90 Micron Full Melt by Terp Hogz X Moon Shine Melts X 3rd Gen Family X Dying Breed Seeds

2nd Place - Epoxy OG Rosin Shatter by Peace Oil X A Greener Today

3rd Place-  Jews Gold Pure Live Resin Shatter by Team 10 Extracts X Unregisterd X Cali Kush Farms

Conoisseur's Choice

The Blood Orange Sorbet Shatter by Brutal Bee Concentrates

Best Budder
Gorilla Glue #4 Sugar by Madrone Farms X Canna Refinery Co

Highest THC
78.77% - Banana Cookies Shatter by Bhonafide Extracts

Highest CBD
10.27% - SK SFV Shatter by Dukes of Errl

Highest Terps
13% - Shark's Breath Sap by Vandweller Extracts

Soil to Oil and Best Flower
Concentrate Kings and Cannasuer Collective
Supreme OG and Supreme OG Sap

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  • BC God Bud
  • Lavender
  • Tasman Haze
  • MK Ultra
  • Fruity Thai