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Northern California Regional

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May 30-31th, 2014, Mendocino, California

2014 NorCal Secret Cup

The Secret Cup is an american nationwide tournament made by hash makers, for hash makers. The contest consists of regional competitions that happen in an undisclosed location and is not open to the general public. The award ceremony however is open to the public and press. 

Here are the results of the 2014 Secret Cup:

Northern California Regional Best Overall


1st Place Elephant Extracts with Sour Diesel Shatter

2nd Place Brutal Bee with Larry OG Shatter

3rd Place GrandDab's Extracts with Jack's Tonic


Best Budder

Dabbenport Extracts with Corleone Kush Honeycomb



2012 San Francisco Cannabis Cup

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6th Annual Medical Cannabis Competition

These are the results of the 2012 San Francisco Medical Competition

1st - Strawberry Cough (Humdoldt) by Green Diamond Collective
2nd - Dutch Treat (Sonoma) by Mission Organics
3rd - Animal Cookies (Santa Clara) by Fortune Wellness Center

1st - Dark Chocolate Caramel by The Green Cross
2nd - Bhang Bite by Bhang Chocolate
3rd - Strawberry Gummies by The Green Cross

1st - Velvet OG Daddy Taffy (Alameda) by Sparc
2nd - Super Silver Haze Jurassic Amber (Sonoma) by Greg
3rd - Super Silvel Haze Jurassic Amber Dust (Sonoma) by Greg

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