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Highlife Cup 2015

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2015 - '17th Highlife Cup'

Held at Cannabis Liberation Day in Amsterdam

Highlife Cup 2015 goes to Coffeeshop Kosbor from Maastricht for OG Kush

These are the results of the 2015 Highlife Cup



1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize

Medical Cannabis


Royal Queen Seeds

Orange CBD
Royal Queen Seeds
Medical Mass


  Coffeeshop 't Bunkertje, Apeldoorn
White Widow

Coffeeshop Dizzy Duck, The Hague Nebula

Coffeeshop Mississippi 
Buddha Cheese



Coffeeshop Mississippi, Maastricht 
Star Bud

Sensi Seeds,  
Super Skunk
Dutch Passion
Orange Hill Special

Kush strains  


Coffeeshop Kosbor, Maastricht
OG Kush


Coffeeshop Boerenjongens Amsterdam
Sour Diesel Kosher Kush

Dutch Delight Seeds
Sugar Kush 



Roxy Coffeeshop Dizzy Duck, The Hague 
Moroccan Enemy of the State

Coffeeshop Roxy, Amsterdam

Coffeeshop 't Bunkertje, Apeldoorn 

King Hassan 


Haze Hydro


Coffeeshop 't Bunkertje, Apeldoorn
Silver Haze

Coffeeshop Mississippi, Maastricht
Amnesia Haze
Paradise Seeds
Atomical Haze

Haze Bio


Kera Seeds

Coffeeshop Missouri, Maastricht
Silver Haze 
Coffeeshop Regine, Haarlem
Amazing Haze




Coffeeshop Dizzy Duck, The Hague
Blue Shark Auto


White Label
Haze Auto

Kera Seeds
Amnesia Auto


Hempcon Cup Las Vegas 2015

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Hempcon Cup Las Vegas 2015

The Hempcon Cup is an exclusive and illustrious based competition open to growers, breeders, extract artists, and edible chefs of all types. Hempcon was created to display every glorious aspect of the legendary California medical cannabis industry; with over 20 competitions under its umbrella, Hempcon is branded as America's Largest Cannabis Industry, Health, Lifestyle & Culture Event of the Year! The Hempcon Cup Las Vegas was held at the Cashman Center on May 17-19.

Here's a preview of the final results:


Mr. Loud by RB-26 / Canna Cruz


TGC Platinum Cookies by The Grower's Circle


Gorilla Glue #4 by RB-26 / Canna Cruz

BEST NON SOLVENT – Graham Cracker Crumble by Graham's Brand

BEST WAX – Gorilla Glue #4 Live Resin by RB-26 / Canna Cruz

BEST SHATTER – Chiquita Banana Live Resin Shatter by RB-26 / Canna Cruz

BEST OIL– Live Action Sour Sherbet OG by Dabbenport Extracts

BEST INFUSED PRODUCT – Aurora's Borealis Bath Bhomb by GAS

BEST TOPICAL – Canna Cruz Citrus Grove Salve by RB-26 / Canna Cruz

BEST CANDY – OG Steve's Doobie Snacks by OG Steve

BEST DESSERT – Strawberry Sherbet by GAS/DankStone Creamery

BEST EDIBLE – Almond Macaron by Utopia

BEST CBD – V.C.D.C. by Moxie

BEST BOOTH (People's Choice) – Graham's Brand

BEST NEW PRODUCT – Nectar Stick Refillable Vape Cartridge by Organic Growers United


HIGHEST TERPS – Moxie - Lemon Cookies

CONNOISSEUR CONCENTRATE – Gorilla Glue #4 Live Resin by RB-26 / Canna Cruz

CONNOISSEUR FLOWER – Gorilla Glue #4 Live Resin by RB-26 / Canna Cruz

CONNOISSEUR EDIBLE – Almond Macaron by Utopia

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  • Entry AS
  • Entry LI
  • Entry KS
  • Entry CI
  • BC God Bud
  • Lavender
  • Tasman Haze
  • MK Ultra
  • Fruity Thai